Cycling in London grows up

I discovered a brilliant way to cross London the other day. Cycling from Knightsbridge to St Paul’s took a mere 15 minutes and felt safe all the way. Riding along Victoria Embankment by the Thames, I literally felt like the queen of the road. Doing some research afterwards, I find that I did in fact ride the central part of the east-west superhighway.

It has been quite a few years since I regularly cycled to work in the City. In the intervening years, Tfl has done an enormous amount of work to make the cycle network a safe option for a commuter.

My old route to the City, which took me along quiet side streets and which I used for years, has become the north-south superhighway or CS6 and C6. It is now a fully segregated cycle route connecting the north of the capital to the south.

Even for inexperienced cyclists, this form of transport has become a definite option. The ususal reason given by so many, “I am frightened of the traffic”, does not hold true any more. This news needs spreading and the training to build confidence will be on offer again once lockdown ends. Take it up!