Knit one, purl one

It is that tired, old formula – knit one, purl one – but with a twist. I followed the instructions in a book of knitting patterns that contains nothing more complicated that this basic recipe. And yet, they have come up with hundreds of distinctive designs.

Seeing how special they are, the patterns have titles and named authors. Juliane Pauker invented this one, and gave it a title that might be translated as ‘company trip’. Who knows why this name.

I used superior wool that does not form bobbles on the surface – an unfortunate effect of wool called pilling -, just as promised by the sales woman in Brighton. The brand is ‘The Uncommon Thread, Everyday Sport’, 100% merino wool and hand dyed in Britain in the colour way ‘meadow grass’.

It is recognisably the ‘company trip’, isn’t it?

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  1. if you read your list of posts in sequence, it is like a poem. It is a poem!

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