Forest quilt

‘Growing up in Brandenberg’ is the title of a new quilt. An old photo of my two brothers and I as children became the starting point. In the end, here we are in the midst of bark, wood, ferns, leaves and forest fungi.

Our parents believed fervently in the benefit of fresh air for their offspring, no matter what the weather. We got parceled up in sturdy clothing and were forced to leave the house to play. Play we would, in the forests around the village, with a whole gang of neighbourhood children. We spent hours every day on our own, not supervised by any adults. It was great fun and taught us about risks and how to behave in nature and get on with our peers.

I started the quilt during a workshop with Abigail Booth, who recommended “just do it”. Rather than endlessly fretting about possible designs, she suggested to just cut into the fabric and get on with it. Many hours of stitching applique later, the piece was quilted by machine and is now hanging on the wall.

The workshop was called ‘Improvised patchwork’ and Abigail of Forest + Found held it at Ray Stitch in Islington. 

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  1. John Turner | March 14, 2020 at 04:45 |

    There could not have been a better place for kids to be outside. Different today!!!!

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