Time and a face (1)

The first in a series of portraits viewed across time.

The face of a woman protected and yet obstructed by the stone covering the face. Like time adding layers of haze shrouding the person that once existed.

This is the oldest portrait in the series of silver lockets. A quartz with pyrite inclusions covers the face. The cut of the stone distorts it and the pyrite creates a curtain across it. Just as time passing distorts our memories.

The surface of the background shows the trace of linen fabric on the silver sheet. The woman in the portrait was a great needlewoman, and she was my grandmother.

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  1. Christine Goetsch-Obmascher | October 13, 2019 at 20:43 |

    This is really a Wonderful piece of your silver jewellery art. I like it. And the Interpretation is interesting.

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