A piece of Tirol in Vienna

If you walk away from the imperial palace of Schoenbrunn and up the hill, you will eventually enjoy a spectacular view over the palace, across Vienna and towards the hills surrounding the city.

Move a little sideways and you will come across the unlikely sight of an old, wooden farmhouse – seemingly out of place in these palatial gardens.

In fact, not only is it a farmhouse from Tirol, even better, it is a farmhouse from Brandenberg. As I am from that very village myself, a visit was a must while in Vienna.

Some 25 years ago, the protected Haidachhof was dismantled, every piece numbered, transported to Vienna and erected in the park of Schoenbrunn as part of its zoological garden. Fittingly, the farmhouse now houses rare breeds of horses, cows, sheep and goats in its stables with the aim of ensuring their survival. Altogether, an excellent new use for an old building.

If you wonder what happened to the farmers on the Haidachhof, they very happily built themselves a brand-new farmhouse 25 years ago and were glad to see their centuries-old one travel far away to a new life.

The view from the top of the hill

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  1. I don’t. But it is a very good idea to take one!

  2. Have you got a photo of the new farmhouse, for comparison and contrast?

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